Hollow Myths
Anosia - Nether Gardens CD

Anosia - Nether Gardens CD

Anosia - Nether Gardens Limited Special Edition CD. Truly unique, triumphant and romantic. Black Metal / Magic / Fantasy full-length performed and recorded exclusively for Hollow Myths. From the Gnarled Roots to the Star Covered Chalice, with all it’s trials and peril, a journey well worth the taking. 

Includes a 1” Badge and 8.5” x 11” Poster. The first 13 copies will also receive a glass Spell Bottle fixed by Cristahel. Baby’s Breath, bird feather and a white nail within. For protection, creativity and growth.

First in a series of Anosia releases forthcoming. It’s follow up and the second chapter is an all Dark Ambient / Dungeon Synth album. Do keep watch. 


Official Anosia shirts (3 designs available as t-shirt and long sleeve) 


10 USD

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