Hollow Myths
Apeiron - Music For Astral Projection CD

Apeiron - Music For Astral Projection CD

In dedication to the passing comet we make this offering.
Lost and unheard until now Apeiron - Music For Astral Projection from Hollow Myths.
First era Dark Ambient / Dungeon Synth / Black Metal from Austria.
Multidimensional grim ambiance and beyond from Golden Dawn member Dreamlord.

The first 25 Special Edition Collectors Library Series will include an 8.5" x 11" Poster, 1" Badge, a Stellar Cone Incense and a hand gathered dried Star Flower Pod from the woods nearby.
Pro pressed and Sealed. Limited and exclusive.

Forecast: another outstanding release coming in the not so distant future from Apeiron & Hollow Myths.*


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