Hollow Myths
Arthur - Pagan Sun's Fire CD

Arthur - Pagan Sun's Fire CD

The days are shorter, the nights grow colder and the leaves are falling...

Arthur - Pagan Sun's Fire

Misanthropic, isolationist pagan synth.
Written in Crimea and inspired by mountain excursions in the wind, rain and fog.
Among ruins of ancient dwellings, majestic gorges and the forest.
Pagan in spirit, referring to a pure and primal perception of nature.
Captured are these primitive rhythms heard by the composer. Recorded on a YAMAHA PSR 1000 in 2004.
Wander the strange synth realms of the solemn universe that is Arthur.
Melancholy yet, hopeful, triumphant and tearful. Passionate, nocturnal, cosmic and epic.

Featuring the original recordings from the 9 song album and 2 songs never before heard until now.*
New artwork layout by Canrith Knox and photography by Arthur.
Each copy is pro-pressed, factory sealed and comes with
a Poster of Paragilmen (Devil's Mountain) where Arthur resides.
The first 20 copies will be numbered, puzzle box wrapped, tied with black twine
and include a hand made vine wreathe woven by Cristahel.

Running Time: 60:06
Limited and Exclusive as always.
Hollow Myths



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