Hollow Myths
SOD Magazine Issue 19 w/ 2xCD - Unique Leader

SOD Magazine Issue 19 w/ 2xCD - Unique Leader

Thick, mint, printed zine from 2002. Packed with photos, interviews, reviews and killer old adds. Includes two CD Compilations. Only a few in stock.* 

Within: Fornicator, Centinex, Bludgeon, Grief of Emerald, Hate Mail and much more...

Unique Leader CD Comp.:

Disgorge - Indulging Dismemberment Of A Mutilating Breed
Disgorge - Consume The Forsaken
Mortal Decay - Insect To Flesh
Mortal Decay - Chronicles
Agiel - The Awakening
Agiel - Andromeda
Deeds Of Flesh -Spewing Profligacy
Deeds Of Flesh - Fulfilled In Warefare
Disavowed - Condensed Conditions
Disavowed - Masses Conformed
Necronomicon - Revelation
Necronomicon - The Symbol Of Life
Pyaemia - Gorging On Mucus And Bile
Pyaemia - Impaled On Stakes
Severed Savior - Forced To Bleed
Decrepit Birth - Prelude To The Apocalypse
Spawn Of Possession - Church Of Deviance