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The Green Goblet - Hollow Myths Compilation CD

The Green Goblet - Hollow Myths Compilation CD

Note: The first press edition sold out in just a day. Great thanx & Hails for the support! And to all that contributed to this unique project!! Back in stock erelong.* - C

Creepy, occult, fantasy, nature worship, sci-fi, video game, horror, soundtrack, kids movie, Saturday morning cartoon, RPG, no rules.
Outsider Dungeon Synth artists crafting songs exclusively with toys.
This experiment is the first of it's kind and brought to you by Hollow Myths.*
eerie, glum and out there... The Green Goblet - Hollow Myths Compilation.

Introducing one year old artist Bodil from Sweden with her first ever recording.

Featuring: Ranseur, Chaucerian Myth, Nahadoth, Caverne, The Embers Of Tara, EK001, Deathbard, Narghaash, Bodil, Chevalier, Anosia, Valscharuhn, Digre and Vaelastrasz.

Each will come with a 1" "Green Goblet" Badge.
The first 20 copies will include a limited and hand made "Choose your own adventure" card set of 15 designed by Canrith Knox.
Part 1 of a Collectors Series Trading Card / RPG / Tarot style Deck from Hollow Myths.*
We suggest you shuffle your cards and draw a 15 card spread with the faces down. (See Diagram)
Flip them over and listen in that order. Each set will have a wild card. This card acts as a dealers choice
free selection instead of the first card drawn.

Limited Special Edition CD. Raise your goblets high!





The Green Goblet Shirts & Hoods:

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